Here you find all files related to I2GEO 2010.
The CfP for the I2GEO 2010 conference, v2
Schedule of the I2GEO Conference
Miguel A. Abánades, Francisco Botana, Jesús Escribano: Automated Generation of Equations for Linkage Loci in a Game Physics System
Celina Abar: Strategies for the use of Technological Resources in a Discipline of a Distance-Learning Mathematics Teaching Degree Program
Hussein Abdelfatah: Improving Undergraduate Students’ Attitudes towards Geometric Proof through a Daily-Life Story using Dynamic Geometry Software
Frédérique Bourgeat et al.: Working on Resources Quality Assessment on I2GEO
Hans Cuypers, Maxim Hendriks, Jan Willem Knopper: Interactive Geometry inside MathDox
Andreas Fest: Adding Intelligent Assessment – A Java Framework for Integrating DGS into Interactive Learning Activities
Josep Maria Fortuny et. al: Theoretical Fundaments for an Intelligent Tutorial System Towards the Learning of Geometry at a High School Level
Šárka Gergelitsova: 3D Dynamic Geometry Tools – Helper or Obstacle?
Michael Gerhäuser:Worksheet Creator 2: Blended geometry for the class room
Andrea Hoffkamp: The use of interactive visualizations to foster the understanding of concepts of calculus – design principles and empirical results
Yves Kreis, Carole Dording, Vincent Porro, Raynald Jadoul: Dynamic mathematics and computer-assisted testing: GeoGebra inside TAO
Pavel Leischner: Proofs of the inscribed angle theorem
Paul Libbrecht: Re-Use? Is this Re-Use?
Jitka Nováková: Experience of the user of interactive geometry and the project Intergeo
Florian Schimpf, Christian Spannagel: Reducing graphical user interfaces in DGS
Sophie Soury-Lavergne, Ana-Paula Jahn, Jana Trgalova: Rationale for the Intergeo quality assessment process
José Luis Valcarce: An Analysis of Resources in Spanish