Topics & Keynotes

Conference Topics

The conference will be arranged around three important themes of Interoperable Interactive Geometry: Structural Aspects, Technology, and Quality Assessment. This includes, but is not restricted to, contributions to the following fields. All contributions are eligible for the Best Paper Award.

Each of the sections will include a keynote presentation by a member of the Intergeo project.

An additional plenary lecture will be given by Wei-Chi Yang, Radford University.
Another plenary lecture will be given by Tomas Recio on „Usage Increase of DGS through Intergeo“.

Structural Aspects

Keynote: Paul Libbrecht & Colette Laborde

• Ontologies for Mathematics Education
• Formalization of Curricula
• Cross-Cultural Aspects of Mathematics Education
• Classification by Topics vs. Classification by Competencies
• Searching and Organizing Mathematical Content
• Metadata for Mathematical Resources and Activitites
• Knowledge Management in Mathematics Education


Keynote: Yves Kreis & Ulrich Kortenkamp

• Formal Descriptions of Constructions, Exercises and other Digital Content in Mathematics
• Data Exchange in Mathematics and Mathematics Education
• Comparison of Interactive Geometry Tools
• Mathematics Education and Social Networks/Web 2.0
• Integration of Digital Content in the Classroom
• Innovative Uses of ICT in Teaching Mathematics

Quality Assessment

Keynote: Christian Mercat

• Quality Criteria for Interactive Mathematics Content
• Standards for Quality Assessment of Educational Content
• Best Practices and Case Studies on Using Interactive Geometry in the Classroom
• Identification of Critical Features of Electronic Content that Create Added Value
• Teacher Education and Life-Long Learning
• Educational Research based on the Quality Framework of Intergeo

Content submissions

As a fourth topic we also invite contributions to the Intergeo platform All interactive content submitted can be submitted as a Content Contribution and is eligible for the Best Content Award.