Online Proceedings
Here you find the current versions of the papers presented at the POEM 2012 conference. All participants are encouraged to read all papers before they are presented.
Instruction and Construction: Integrating Both Processes to Promote Quality Early Mathematics Education
A dance of instruction with construction in mathematics education
The Roots of Mathematising in Young Children
The first Discernment into the NMT-Family (Interactional Niche in the development of mathematical thinking in familial situations)
Developing Critical Thinking Skill in Mathematics Education
Identifying quantities of representations - Children using structures to compose collections from parts or decompose col- lections into parts
What kind of challenges do teacher students encounter with respect to kindergarten mathematics? -­‐A pilot study of exam papers.
“I have a little job for you” – Educators are designing mathematical problems with kindergarten children – Reconstruction of folk pedagogy in interaction processes
Children’s engagement with mathematics in kindergarten mediated by the use of digital tools
Professionalization of Early Childhood Educators with a Focus on Natural Learning Situations and Individual Development of Mathematical Competencies: Results from an Evaluation Study
Reconstruction of conjunctive realms of experiences in early learning processes
The Interplay Between Gesture and Speech – Second Graders Solve Mathematical Problems
Nice text by problem posing – two samples with many challenges
The Relationship between cultural Expectation and the local Realization of a Mathematics learning Environment
Early maths with multi-touch – an activity-theoretic approach
How one preschool teacher recognises mathematical teaching moments
Development of Geometric Competencies – Children's Conception of Geometric Shapes in England and Germany
The elements of mathematical creativity and the function of the attachment style in early childhood
Early enhancement of kindergarten children potentially at risk in learning school mathematics – Design and findings of an intervention study
It is quite confusing isn’t it?
Preschool children's performance and self-efficacy on mathematical and non-mathematical tasks
Preschool teachers' knowledge and self-efficacy regarding counting and enumerating tasks
Conceptualizing preschool teachers' knowledge and self-efficacy for teaching mathematics: The CAMTE framework
Mathematical Situations Of Play And Explorations As An Empirical Research Instrument
Play-based mathematics in kindergarten. Microgenetic video analyses of children's mathematical behaviour while playing board games in small groups