Learning Programming with Ruby

TitelLearning Programming with Ruby
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsMüller, W., & Kortenkamp U.
Conference NameProceedings of the IFIP Workshop "New developments in ICT and Informatics education''
PublisherIFIP TC3

Introducing students into the fundamentals of programming can still be considered as a real challenge. The choice of the right programming language seems to play a major role. In this paper we present our experiences with the programming language Ruby in introductory programming classes. Ruby is a relatively young programming language, which provides some very interesting aspects and seems like a very good candidate as a beginner's programming language, integrating the advantages of other languages with respect to learning programming, while still being professional enough to support open-ended learning. We discuss several aspects of Ruby that distinguish it from other languages and which make it a good choice for a beginner's course in programming. In addition, we discuss the approaches applied at two different universities in teaching programming with Ruby. We present in some detail the individual programming exercises and present student results. Finally, we discuss the pros and cons for applying Ruby as a first programming language.

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