I2GEO 2010

The I2GEO 2010 Conference

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We are announcing I2GEO 2010 in Hluboká nad Vltavou (Czech Republic), a conference that will enable the Interactive Geometry community to gather, share and enrich content for mathematics education. We invite all people interested in interactive (or dynamic) geometry, teachers, researchers and technology providers, to join us for this exciting event.

I2GEO 2010 will take place immediately after CADGME 2010, the Conference on Computer Algebra and Dynamic Geometry in Mathematics Education. You find more info about CADGME at the conference website CADGME 2010.

A declared goal of the Intergeo Project was to enable the mathematics education community – teachers, researchers and learners – to take over the project and to self-sustain it. This conference and the associated proceedings are one building block of this goal.

NEWS: The conference schedule has been published.
NEWS: The preliminary conference proceedings have been published.