The conference is open for external contributions. The deadline for submission has passed. You find a list of accepted contributions below.

Abstracts for presentations should be submitted using the Easychair system. Workshop proposals (500 words max., please include prerequistes and technological requirements) should be sent by email.

We still welcome content contributions on the Intergeo platform. Each contribution should be flagged with the keyword i2geo2010. All content contributed for the conference will be exhibited at Hluboká and is eligible for the Best Content Award.

Accepted Contributions

  • Celina Abar: Strategies for the use of Technological Resources in a Discipline of a Distance Learning Mathematics Teaching Degree Program
  • Andrea Hoffkamp: The Use of Interactive Visualizations to foster the Understanding of Concepts of Calculus - Design Principles and Empirical Results
  • Sophie Soury-Lavergne, Ana Paula Jahn and Jana Trgalova: Rationale for the Intergeo quality assessment process
  • Michael Gerhäuser: Worksheet Creator 2: Blended geometry for the class room
  • Paul Libbrecht: Re-use? Is this Re-Use?
  • Janka Melušová, Kitti Vidermanová and Lukáš Lednický: One example of use Visage from Cinderella in undergraduate course of graph theory
  • Hans Cuypers, Jan Willem Knopper and Maxim Hendriks: Interactive geometry inside MathDox
  • Sarka Gergelitsova: 3D Dynamic Geometry Tools – Helpers or an Obstacle?
  • Miguel A. Abanades, Francisco Botana and Jesus Escribano: Automated Generation of Equations for Linkage Loci in a Game Physics System
  • Andreas Fest: Adding Intelligent Assessment – A Java Framework for Integrating DGS into Interactive Learning Activities
  • Philippe R. Richard, Michèle Tessier-Baillargeon, Corina Rosu, Johanne Gauthier, Michel Gagnon, Nicolas Leduc, Josep Maria Fortuny and Eloi Puertas: Fondements théoriques d’un système tutoriel intelligent pour l’apprentissage de la géométrie à l’école secondaire – Theoretical Fundaments for an Intelligent Tutorial System Towards the Learning of Geometry at a High School Level
  • Frédérique Bourgeat, Anne Calpe, Marina Digeon, Esmaël Esfahani, Isabelle Leyraud, Sophie Soury-Lavergne, René Thomas, Olivier Touraille and Jana Trgalova: Working on Resources Quality Assessment in I2GEO
  • José Luis Valcarce: An analysis of resources in Spanish
  • Hana Mahnelová: Three Plus One View at Intergeo through the Eyes of a Czech Secondary School Teacher
  • Jitka Nováková: Experience of the user of interactive geometry and the project Intergeo
  • Pavel Leischner: Proofs of the inscribed angle theorem.
  • Yves Kreis, Carole Dording, Vincent Porro and Raynald Jadoul: Dynamic mathematics and computer-assisted testing: GeoGebra inside TAO
  • Hussein Abdelfatah: Improving Undergraduate Students’ Attitudes towards Geometric Proof through a Daily-Life Story using Dynamic Geometry Software
  • Florian Schimpf and Christian Spannagel: Reducing graphical user interfaces in DGS

You can find the contributions in the download section.