Enhancing Geometric Creativity Using Cinderella (DGS)

Project Title The Effectiveness of an Enrichment Program Using Dynamic Geometry Software in Developing Mathematically Gifted Students' Geometric Creativity in High Schools
Time-Range From December 2006 till May 2010
Supervisor Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kortenkamp
Main Researcher Mohamed El-Demerdash
Fund The research project was totally funded by the Egyptian Government – The Ministry of Higher Education as a scholarship for getting Ph. D. in Special Education.

Contact m_eldemerdash70@yahoo.com or kortenkamp@cermat.org

Developed Materials and Tools

Short Description The research project was guided by three goals: First, to identify the principles of preparing an enrichment program in Euclidean geometry using Dynamic Geometry Software to develop the mathematically gifted students’ geometric creativity in high schools, second, to develop an enrichment program based on the identified principles, and third, to investigate its effectiveness by testing it with high school students. The enrichment program was administered to 7 mathematically gifted students in 12 weekly 90-minute sessions. Results of a pre-post measurements revealed the effectiveness of the program in developing the subjects’geometric creativity as a whole ability and its four sub-components (fluency, flexibility, originality, and elaboration).



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