VideoClipQuests as a New Setup For Learning

TitelVideoClipQuests as a New Setup For Learning
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsBlessing, A. M., & Kortenkamp U.
EditorSpector, M. J., Ifenthaler D., Isaías P., Kinshuk, & Sampson D. G.
Book TitleLearning and Instruction in the Digital Age: Making a Difference through Cognitive Approaches, Technology-facilitated Collaboration and Assessment, and Personalized Communications

VideoClipQuests (VCQs) are a teaching-learning approach focussed on the learner's self-activity while information is collected by searching the Internet, similar to the well- established concept of WebQuests. VCQs can be one element to sensibly integrate the possi- bilities and advantages of the virtual world into teaching. Some of the advantages of VCQs are that they allow the teachers great latitude, they can be created very easily, they are com- patible with a multitude of learning platforms, and they can be used both in e-Learning and traditional lectures. Moreover, they appear to inherently motivate the learners and thus be- come highly accepted. In this chapter we present the concept of a VCQ as well as first evalu- ation results of their influence in learning.

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