Interoperable Interactive Geometry for Europe

TitelInteroperable Interactive Geometry for Europe
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsKortenkamp, U.
JournalThe Electronic Journal of Mathematics and Technology
SchlüsselwörterIntergeo, refereed

The Intergeo project is driven by a consortium of commercial, semi-commercial and open- source software producers as well as mathematics educators from all over Europe. The primary goal is to make mathematics driven by interactive resources more accessible to all teachers and learners, by facilitating the search, use and quality assurance of them. In this article I will highlight the main obstacles we faced and how we approached them and give an outlook on the future of interactive geometry and the project. Furthermore, I will raise some didactical and research questions that should be answered if we really want to integrate computer-based teaching, learning and assessment into our curricula. This article is a written version of the keynote held at the CADGME 2010 conference in Hluboka, Czech Republic. It does not, cannot and should not contain references for all claims made, but rather summarize the Intergeo project and serve as an introduction to the various publi- cations of the project that are available on its website We refer to those for a much deeper description of each of the issues raised, as well as proper references to existing work.

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