Grundlagen Dynamischer Geometrie

TitelGrundlagen Dynamischer Geometrie
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsRichter-Gebert, J., & Kortenkamp U.
EditorHenn, H-W., Elschenbroich H-J., & Gawlick T.
Book TitleZeichnung – Figur – Zugfigur
CityHildesheim, Berlin

In this article we present fundamental definitions that can be used to introduce a mathematical model for dynamic geometry. Starting from reasonable expectations that such a model should meet we will formalize the terms (dynamic) construction, instance of a construction and Dynamic-Geometry-System (DGS). The behavior of a DGS will be described by the terms conservatism and continuity. One of the main results of this article is that we can find a continuous DGS for any construction Z that is built up using algebraic basic construction steps only.

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