The Development of an Instrument to Measure Geometric Creativity

TitelThe Development of an Instrument to Measure Geometric Creativity
Publication TypeUnpublished
Year of PublicationIn Press
AuthorsEl-Demerdash, M., & Kortenkamp U.
Schlüsselwörtercreativity, elaboration, flexibility, fluency, geometric creativity, originality

There is no doubt that students can learn and develop their creative potential, if we use the
appropriate programs that successfully teach them the creativity skills and its operations.
However, in order to measure the effectiveness of such programs we need an instrument to
assess creativity. This paper presents the development of a test that can be used to assess
geometric creativity and to obtain concrete indicators of creative potential in geometry. The
test was designed as a part of larger experimental study conducted to assess the geometric
creativity among mathematically gifted students, and to develop their geometric creativity
using dynamic geometry software. It uses four components that we consider to be basic
ingredients of geometric creativity: fluency (based on the number relevant responses),
flexibility (based on the number of different categories of the relevant responses), originality
(based on the statistical infrequency of responses in relation to peer group), and elaboration
(based on number of redefined follow-up questions or problems).

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