POEM 2012

About the Conference

At the CERME conference 2011 in Rzészow, Poland, we were faced with the question: In which way – and how much – should children be "educated" in mathematics before entering primary school. We, German researchers on the subject from Frankfurt am Main and Karlsruhe, decided to organize a workshop-conference to further investigate this question.

We want to address this question from a mathematics education perspective on early mathematics learning in the strain between instruction and construction. The topics of the conference include research on the design of learning opportunities, the development of mathematical thinking, the impact of the social setting and the professionalization of nursery teachers.

In the tradition of the CERME conferences we want to create a focused working atmosphere with few paper presentations with more interaction and exchange between the researchers. This meeting should be a starting point for a research network in early mathematics learning.

POEM will take place in Frankfurt, Germany, from February 27-29, and is an invitation-only event.