MathDox Select: A Tool for Creating SCORM Packages from Existing Exercises


Learning Management Systems are often used in e-Learning and e- Learning content has to be made available for use inside such systems. This is usually quite easy to do. SCORM is a standard for this. However, if the content needs to run on a dedicated server, which might be different from the server running the LMS, this can be complicated. This is for example the case with interactive mathematical exercises in the MathDox system.
A tool has been developed to easily create basic SCORM packages that contain references to MathDox exercises. These packages contain scripts that communicate results on the exercises between the LMS and the underlying interactive exercise system (MathDox). In this way we have created a method for teachers to use MathDox exercises in SCORM compatible LMS like Moodle, ILIAS, or Blackboard without the need of a plugin.
As our set up is independent of MathDox, it should be fairly easy to extend this to other exercise systems or e-learning applications.

[PDF] Cuypers-Knopper-MathDox-Select-MathUI12.pdf