Attend MathUI 2014 Online

This page describes how MathUI 2014, happening on Thursday July 10th 2014 in Coimbra, Portugal, can be attended online.

Per Skype (main)

A skype chat in one click. This is a public chat, where your skype user-name will appear to anyone watching the stream. No recording is expected. The video of the speakers will be activated live from Coimbra. You may also activated yours, as attender to add a face to the troop.

Once inside there, please allow the camera of Pedro Quaresma, then please introduce yourself in a line and join the video call. Comments there are welcome and may be responded to un question phases.

Skype is a widespread application for text-, audio-, and video conferences. It runs on many contemporary platforms.

Per UStream

A live stream was inserted here when the workshop starts. It was a public view retransmitted from the Skype call. Partial recordings exist, please request if desired.

UStream is an online video broadcast service.

Currently, sound seems only to work on Skype.

Should you wish other broadcast methods or have technical problems, please consult paul Libbrecht