Integrated Semantic Math I/O in ActiveMath: an Evaluation


The ActiveMath system is a web-based learning environment that integrates static mathematical content and interactive exercises with evaluated mathematical input from learners. The mathematical formulæ in ActiveMath are encoded in OpenMath and presented with regional notations. Users can input formulæ using the same notations via a formula editor or using plain-text input. Input to the editor is assisted by allowing users to copy formulæ from other parts of ActiveMath. In this paper we describe how all these components are integrated and work within the system. We will then discuss recent evaluations of the formulæ input methods run within the LeActiveMath project in Malaga and Edinburgh. The results indicate that, even though the assisted input methods provided by the Formula Editor and copy-and-paste are appreciated by users the most popular input method remains the plain text input fields for its simplicity and visual space integration. Proposals are made for how direct input of text can be facilitated and assisted in future formulæ input systems.